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Why Al Shamil Car Wash?

Time Saving

Car washing in Dubai/Abu Dhabi, that is non intrusive to your personal time. You can tend to your personal activities and chores without having to spend time at a Car Wash facility.


Clean cars and clean surroundings. Our waterless mobile car wash facility and the process does not leave the surroundings or floors messy with foam and water after a car wash.


Cars are washed when they are parked in the parking lots of offices and malls or at home. We also provide car washing service at residential complexes, apartments, office complexes.


Waterless car wash Dubai/Abu Dhabi- Efficient use of water considering the preservation of natural resources and saving planet earth...

Car & Eco Friendly Cleaning Materials

We use non-abrasive and non toxic, natural car washing chemicals for cleaning your car.

Professional and Skilled Staff

Have a fully licensed and professionally trained staff who can serve your tenants / guests / customers while their cars.